Boat Breaks to Pieces in Tragic Lake Murray Accident

Department of Natural Resources has changed their rescue mission to that of a recovery mission after a high speed boat accident on Sunday night.  DNR officers report that the boat literally broke in half it was going so fast, around 8 pm on Sunday night.

“It was a big wall of water.  He was moving real fast, something like you’d see in the races, you know,” said eye witness David Rice.

“You could hear the boat, then all of a sudden silence,” said Rice “We was looking for someone, but there was nothing but a boat.”

The owner of the boat was 37-year-old Kevin Blout, and investigators are searching for the people on board.  The family of 23-year-old Kariana Smith say she was on the boat with Blout.  Her father reported that she had been spending the day with a friend on the lake and at the end of the day Blout offered her a ride on his speed boat.

Experts agree that a boat like Blouts and the one crashed was built for speed. “The driver is in the front, the passenger behind. It’s like the cockpit of an F-16, that’s a good way to compare it,” DNR spokesman Robert McCullough told WIS News 10

It is still unclear what caused the boat to break but experts agree that when going to fast a boats seals could be compromised causing it to break apart.  The boat and its pieces are covered in a dock near the lake and both passengers are still missing at this time.  The divers have searched up to 40 feet deep in the area they were believed to go under.

Boating accidents are common in the state of South Carolina, especially near the coast. It is always essential that proper safety be taken, including wearing life jackets.  Being a strong swimmer won’t help you when you are knocked unconscious, this is why wearing a life jacket is so important.

“It is such a tragedy when young people lose their lives over a senseless act of negligence.  What started as a great day on the water with friends ended with tragedy and two families being forever changed,” says Joe Sanderfur of, managing partner at a top personal injury law firm in South Carolina.

Victims and families of victims of accidents deserve to have compensation for their pain and medical bills when affected by an accident through no fault of their own.  It’s hard enough to navigate through the pain of losing a loved one, but trying to find funds for burial cost or long term care is overwhelming.  Get in touch with a personal injury attorney so they can take you case and review it.  They will know exactly what needs to be done to get you the compensation you deserve.  If a lawsuit needs to be filed, they can handle all the paper work and negotiations that follow. Most personal injury cases are settled in the negotiation phase.



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Another Study Concludes Medical Malpractice Lawsuits do not Raise Healthcare Costs

Human services suppliers, medicinal negligence obligation insurance agencies, and the lawmakers they impact have since quite a while ago asserted that therapeutic misbehavior claims drive up the expense of health awareness. The myth is sustained again and again to persuade voters it’s a smart thought to take away their entitlement to consider human services suppliers in charge of restorative misbehavior that causes harm or passing. Tell an untruth enough times and the individuals trust it. There is no information to help the case that therapeutic negligence claims add to the expense of medicinal services.

healthcaremedicalrecordsThe story told is that the danger of being sued influences specialists to run superfluous tests and give pointless health awareness. It has been clear for a long time that the story is not genuine. In any case reality has not ceased the promoters of tort change from rehashing it. Actually, simply a week ago, on October 31, 2014, Julio Fuentes, president and CEO of the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, strongly guaranteed that opposing pharmaceutical is a real explanation behind expanded medicinal services costs. Did Mr. Fuentes realize that only two prior weeks he rehashed the falsehood The New England Journal of Medicine examined an alternate study, this one by RAND HEALTH, showing there is no truth to the case?

bundledpaymentsThe study, titled “The Effect of Malpractice Reform on Emergency Department Care,” investigated crisis room offices in three states where it has ended up extremely hard suing crisis room doctors. With doctors secured by laws passed by legislators, the study uncovered that crisis rooms did not diminish the quantity of tests performed. The new medicinal misbehavior laws were launched to cut down the expense of social insurance by diminishing the requirement for specialists to run superfluous testing out of the apprehension of being sued, however nothing changed.

Without a doubt specialists perform tests on their patients in light of the fact that they are really inspired by attempting to discover what isn’t right with their patients. There is additionally a huge budgetary enthusiasm for medicinal services suppliers to request tests. The producers of the tests and the machines that do the testing profit offering them. The doctor’s facilities and different elements that perform the tests additionally get paid a lot of cash to do them. Consequently, they urge the tests to be carried out. The specialists themselves might likewise profit monetarily occasionally in light of the fact that they can frequently bill to counsel with the patient about the aftereffects of the tests.

OB-DY862_epstei_D_20090629190434So now that you know reality, you need to ask yourself for what good reason individuals continue rehashing the falsehood that restorative negligence drives up the expense of social insurance. What is their inspiration? Is it accurate to say that it is that the individual regards the wellspring of the untruth so much that they don’t address it? Is the individual simply excessively lethargic to burn through 5 minutes doing some speedy examination? On the other hand does the individual have a shrouded plan? In any event now you know the right things to ask.

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Why reducing insurance fraud may not lower rates

Insurers claim that even if legislation is passed to combat personal injury protection they can’t guarantee lower insurance rates, even if is passed to PIP, insurance fraud.

Regardless of which driver is at fault, PIP pays medical bills for policyholders injured in auto accidents, and state law requires drivers to have at least ten thousand dollars in coverage. The requirement was intended to avoid lawsuits and their costs for minor injuries and to protect Floridians who don’t have health insurance. So, the clear question is: why can’t the savings be passed to consumers, if fraud is causing rate increases and laws are passed to fight it. In this article we are going to show you what the experts answer is and some other questions.

If legislation is performed to reduce PIP scheme, would your automobile insurance rates decrease?

The answer is no, not right away. Insurers would be required to go  through a lengthy process to ask to hold or raise rates or to decrease rates, a summary of the House insurance committee’s bill to fight PIP fraud.


A few state leaders said that if legislation is enacted (similar to provisions in previous years that required home insurers to pass savings to consumers), they would want insurers to be required to lower rates. For several reasons, it would be hard to do with automobile insurance – say insurance industry representatives. These reasons are:

  1. It would take as a minimum a few years to know whether the legislation helped enough to lower premiums because rates are based on losses in previous years.
  2. It could be possible to find a way around legislation by providers, by allowing savings in one area to be equalize by higher costs in another. For example, the Legislature didn’t limit how many procedures could be billed, but Legislature successfully set fees in 2007 for what health care providers could charge for PIP claims in 2007.
  3. Lawsuits could drive up costs and laws would have to survive legal challenges.

The other question is: Will insurance cost decrease if law enforcement cracks down on staged accidents that result in fraudulent PIP claims?


Well, the answer is no, because fake accidents are not the only way PIP is being taken advantage of. Most of the people have ten thousand dollars in PIP exposure, (massages or repeated chiropractic visits – health care provider bill for services) – patients may not need.

The other question is that how much of the raise comes from PIP against other exposure and how much have automobile insurance premiums in Florida increased in recent years?

JohnBales Attorneys informed us that State officials have offered PIP coverage for some insurers. All together, the full premiums insurers for PIP exposure in Florida is not changed a lot, from the past 8 years.

About 44% of the total amounts of sales – the biggest auto insurers – raised premiums twelve percent to sixteen percent from 2009 till 2011 – as said by the Office of Insurance Regulation.

According to OIR data, over the past eight years – all PIP premiums in Florida haven’t changed much.

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How to find a good lawyer in Tampa

You can find a good lawyer in Tampa if you use LegalMatch. So, how does it work? Well, first, you need to post your case here without any cost. Then, they will instantly submit your legal issue to pre-screened, licensed attorneys in your area for review. When some of the concerned Tampa lawyers answer to your case, and offer you a service, they will provide to you full attorney profiles which includes all the background information, fees and ratings by other people who were using LegalMatch. Now you can choose the right and best lawyer for yourself. This system of LegalMatch is hundred percent confidential and you only expose your identity to an interested attorney, when you choose to do it. So, basically you can find your lawyer just in a three basic steps: you need to present your case, after that they will immediately match you with the right lawyers and you select the right lawyer. Easy enough, right?

You can choose between all these legal categories in order to find a st. petersburg auto accident attorney. You can choose between: family law, job or employment law, criminal and police law, business law, injury, health or disability law, finances law, real estate and housing law, government law, immigration law, products and services law, intellectual property law, wills, trusts and estate law.


There are around 6000 lawyers in Tampa area. So, find the right Tampa lawyer can be a daunting task, if you keep this in mind. It is a big gamble to pick a lawyer at random or based on advertisement – so better not to do it like that. You cannot know if he chosen lawyer is competent and qualified to handle your case – until is too late. So, much better is to avoid picking your lawyer at random.

LegalMatch is good because it only deals with lawyers who are in good standing with their state bar associations, and they will refer your case to a qualified Tampa attorney who can handle your case. So, stop wasting your time with lawyers who are incapable to handle your case.

Finding a Good San Jose DUI LawyerSimilar to the other cities in Florida, Tampa has a high percentage of individuals that are over the age of 65. So, because of this there is a high demand for lawyers who handle trusts, wills and probate. In order to find the right estate planning lawyer in Tampa who can handle any type of situations, LegalMatch can help you a lot. It can also be very helpful in order to find you a qualified Tampa lawyer who can handle virtually any other type of case.

Excellent place to start – if you are looking for general legal information – is the LegalMatch law library. It has over 3300 articles which are written in plain language and with information on almost every legal topic.

The other sources in the Tampa include the law library at the Stetson University College of Law. This library is open to public.

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DUI with Non-Serious Personal Injury

In the event that you have been captured for DUI with non-genuine individual damage in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida, certain improved punishments apply taking into account the mischief brought on by the DUI. Under Florida law, the DUI accusation can be upgraded in light of the way that individual damage happened, regardless of the possibility that that harm is not considered to be “not kidding” and regardless of the possibility that you have no earlier record. Furthermore, the claimed victimized person in the auto crash including a DUI capture may sue you for personal injury harms in common court.

Contact a Tampa DUI John Bales Attorneys at the Law Firm to talk about battling this intense criminal allegation of DUI with non-genuine individual damage under Florida law.

The Maximum Statutory Punishment under Florida Law for DUI
with Non-Serious Bodily Personal Injury


The criminal allegation of DUI that causes individual damage to an alternate (when that harm is not regarded to be “not kidding real harm”) is a first degree crime deserving of up to (12) twelve months in prison and a $1,000 charge. Prosecutors with the State Attorney’s Office in Tampa have a tendency to treat any case including a DUI with damage genuinely, regardless of the fact that the harm is minor. Since most DUI cases don’t include a specific victimized person, when a mischance happens the prosecutors devote additional consideration regarding these cases.

DUI with Non-Serious Bodily Personal Injury is a Serious Charge

Under Florida law, if the DUI does not include individual damage then rather than six months in prison for a first DUI with no individual harm or property harm or nine months in prison for a moment DUI with no individual damage or property harm, the individual charged is taking a gander at one year in prison. Contrasting the most extreme statutory offense under Florida law provides for you a look into how these cases are dealt with uniquely in contrast to different sorts of smashed driving cases.

Getting the charges diminished to careless driving is the objective in a significant number of these cases. Regardless of the fact that the charge is dropped from DUI with property harm or non-genuine wounds to simply a just DUI, the client may get an a great deal less cruel discipline.

There are many sites to provide for you data on how you can battle the criminal indictments. By seeing not just the direct results that happen after the capture additionally the insurance outcomes our customers are in the best position to settle on choices about how to continue with the guard for their situation.

Dodging an Even More Serious Charge for DUI with Serious Bodily Personal Injury


Obviously, if the DUI indictment includes genuine individual harm then the offense is a third degree crime allegation that deserves of no less than five years in Florida State Prison.

In specific cases, the respondent may be captured for the crime rendition of the offense, yet a lawyer may have the capacity to persuade the prosecutor’s office to just record wrongdoing indictments amid the 21 day period after the capture. It is additionally conceivable that the litigant could be captured for DUI with non-genuine substantial damage and afterward the charges could be moved up to the lawful offense rendition of DUI with genuine real harm if new confirmation goes to the prosecutor’s consideration that the wounds ought to be delegated “genuine substantial harm.” Free legal consultation with a

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