Boat Breaks to Pieces in Tragic Lake Murray Accident

Department of Natural Resources has changed their rescue mission to that of a recovery mission after a high speed boat accident on Sunday night.  DNR officers report that the boat literally broke in half it was going so fast, around 8 pm on Sunday night.

“It was a big wall of water.  He was moving real fast, something like you’d see in the races, you know,” said eye witness David Rice.

“You could hear the boat, then all of a sudden silence,” said Rice “We was looking for someone, but there was nothing but a boat.”

The owner of the boat was 37-year-old Kevin Blout, and investigators are searching for the people on board.  The family of 23-year-old Kariana Smith say she was on the boat with Blout.  Her father reported that she had been spending the day with a friend on the lake and at the end of the day Blout offered her a ride on his speed boat.

Experts agree that a boat like Blouts and the one crashed was built for speed. “The driver is in the front, the passenger behind. It’s like the cockpit of an F-16, that’s a good way to compare it,” DNR spokesman Robert McCullough told WIS News 10

It is still unclear what caused the boat to break but experts agree that when going to fast a boats seals could be compromised causing it to break apart.  The boat and its pieces are covered in a dock near the lake and both passengers are still missing at this time.  The divers have searched up to 40 feet deep in the area they were believed to go under.

Boating accidents are common in the state of South Carolina, especially near the coast. It is always essential that proper safety be taken, including wearing life jackets.  Being a strong swimmer won’t help you when you are knocked unconscious, this is why wearing a life jacket is so important.

“It is such a tragedy when young people lose their lives over a senseless act of negligence.  What started as a great day on the water with friends ended with tragedy and two families being forever changed,” says Joe Sanderfur of, managing partner at a top personal injury law firm in South Carolina.

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