DUI with Non-Serious Personal Injury

In the event that you have been captured for DUI with non-genuine individual damage in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida, certain improved punishments apply taking into account the mischief brought on by the DUI. Under Florida law, the DUI accusation can be upgraded in light of the way that individual damage happened, regardless of the possibility that that harm is not considered to be “not kidding” and regardless of the possibility that you have no earlier record. Furthermore, the claimed victimized person in the auto crash including a DUI capture may sue you for personal injury harms in common court.

Contact a Tampa DUI John Bales Attorneys at the Law Firm to talk about battling this intense criminal allegation of DUI with non-genuine individual damage under Florida law.

The Maximum Statutory Punishment under Florida Law for DUI
with Non-Serious Bodily Personal Injury


The criminal allegation of DUI that causes individual damage to an alternate (when that harm is not regarded to be “not kidding real harm”) is a first degree crime deserving of up to (12) twelve months in prison and a $1,000 charge. Prosecutors with the State Attorney’s Office in Tampa have a tendency to treat any case including a DUI with damage genuinely, regardless of the fact that the harm is minor. Since most DUI cases don’t include a specific victimized person, when a mischance happens the prosecutors devote additional consideration regarding these cases.

DUI with Non-Serious Bodily Personal Injury is a Serious Charge

Under Florida law, if the DUI does not include individual damage then rather than six months in prison for a first DUI with no individual harm or property harm or nine months in prison for a moment DUI with no individual damage or property harm, the individual charged is taking a gander at one year in prison. Contrasting the most extreme statutory offense under Florida law provides for you a look into how these cases are dealt with uniquely in contrast to different sorts of smashed driving cases.

Getting the charges diminished to careless driving is the objective in a significant number of these cases. Regardless of the fact that the charge is dropped from DUI with property harm or non-genuine wounds to simply a just DUI, the client may get an a great deal less cruel discipline.

There are many sites to provide for you data on how you can battle the criminal indictments. By seeing not just the direct results that happen after the capture additionally the insurance outcomes our customers are in the best position to settle on choices about how to continue with the guard for their situation.

Dodging an Even More Serious Charge for DUI with Serious Bodily Personal Injury


Obviously, if the DUI indictment includes genuine individual harm then the offense is a third degree crime allegation that deserves of no less than five years in Florida State Prison.

In specific cases, the respondent may be captured for the crime rendition of the offense, yet a lawyer may have the capacity to persuade the prosecutor’s office to just record wrongdoing indictments amid the 21 day period after the capture. It is additionally conceivable that the litigant could be captured for DUI with non-genuine substantial damage and afterward the charges could be moved up to the lawful offense rendition of DUI with genuine real harm if new confirmation goes to the prosecutor’s consideration that the wounds ought to be delegated “genuine substantial harm.” Free legal consultation with a johnbales.com.

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